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The company meets the personalized needs of its customers with products with different functions, affordable prices and time-saving and great services.

Supramolecular high performance concrete active agent


Take the concrete durability as the essential target, the proper attention to both work related, the volume stability, the mold performance most comprehensive concrete.

Supramolecular synergistic gel reducer


Take the green as the idea, the clean production, saves the cement, reduces the pollution, the green forerunner who the struggle makes the concrete profession.

Supermolecular dense feeding agent


The enhancement concrete resistance to fouling, should to the complex environmental condition, satisfy the construction the time demand.

Supermolecular high-sulfur corrosion inhibitor


Races to the source, the preventing and controlling crack infiltrates the common failing, reaches treats the symptoms and the causes the effect, lets the customer be free from

worry, feel relieved relieved!

Chooses our reason

The market forever is changing, the good faith forever is invariable


The company based on “the making science and technology building materials, altogether builds the happy life” the enterprise mission, take “the existence, is highly effective, is abundant” as the core values.

Has proprietary intellectual property rights (invention patent, practical new patent, trademark and so on), through England Cambridge University CCDC authentication.

The front technology, the brand-new component, the molecular recognition, the intellectualized synthesis, the function is highly effective, the performance is comprehensive.

By Academia Sinica, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, the Huazhong University of Science and Technology and so on well-known high campus institute professor forms the expert panel.

Provides the plan, the design, the production, the goods supply, the construction "one-stop" work style service.

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Steps praises you (Wuhan) the high technology and new technology development limited company to be established in 2014, the registered capital 20,000,000, is one take the ultra member as the core technologies

Prospect of supramolecular development

Supramolecular is the complex order which gets up by the noncovalent bond weak mutual action linkage also has the specific function molecular marriage.It had surmounted the molecular concept

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